Chevy Corvette Pace Car Stolen from Idaho Racetrack

a race car with a banner over it
Corvette Pace Car Stolen from Idaho RacetrackMeridian Speedway

If you're going to have a pace car, you might as well make it a cool one. At least that's how Meridian Speedway in Meridian, Idaho went about it, buying and operating a C7-generation Chevrolet Corvette as the track's official pace car. Apparently, though, someone else thought it was too cool not to take — because a thief has apparently absconded with the 'Vette.

According to a statement by the Meridian Police Department, the Speedway's beloved Corvette was stolen from the track on the morning of June 4. The 2018-model-year Chevy has not been found as of June 11, a spokesperson for the Meridian Police Department told the Idaho Statesmen.

"Tuesday morning we came to work and it was not here," said Josie Nelson, Meridian Speedway’s office administrator, in a statement to the Idaho Statesmen.


Track officials are desperate to get the sports car back, and are taking a humorous angle in calling on the local community to help in the search and rescue efforts. Ahead of the Diamond Cup race scheduled for this weekend, a post on the speedway's Facebook offers up a season pass as well as a family's worth of tickets for one event of your choosing in exchange for information about the missing pace car.

"Have you seen Meridian Speedway’s Fairly Reliable Bob's, Inc. Pace Car at your favorite Chop Shop or shady car lot? Have you seen any 'official' pace car merchandise pop up on Facebook marketplace? Are you just wondering why it’s parked in front of your house?" the Facebook post from Meridian Speedway reads.

A community of Meridian Speedway fans gathered to offer insight underneath the Facebook post, with one commenter claiming to have seen the silver 'Vette wearing an advertisement from speedway sponsor Fairly Reliable Bob’s auto dealership on June 11 in Marsing, Idaho, about 25 miles from Meridian. Other commenters expressed doubt about the likelihood of finding the car, or claimed that the thief was probably an insider of some variety.

Those with information about the pace car's whereabouts, or anyone who spots the car, are encouraged to contact the Meridian Police Department non-emergency line at 208-888-6678 with details.

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