Chevy Says Silverado EV Work Truck Will Now Have Up to 450 Miles of Range

2024 chevrolet silverado ev
Chevy: Silverado EV Will Get 450 Miles of RangeChevrolet

Chevrolet promised a maximum EPA-rated range of 400 miles for the Silverado EV when it launched the all-electric truck last year. Now, the company says the pickup will be able to go a maximum of 450 range on a single charge.

Tha range applies to the WT (work truck) version of the Silverado EV, according to GM North America president Rory Harvey.

"We think that is a real winning proposition," Harvey told reporters, including Automotive News, on Thursday. "We previously announced that it was going to be a 400-mile target, so the team did just an exceptional job in terms of being able to extend that up to 450 miles."


The Silverado EV in question is expected be available in Spring with a starting price of $79,800, including destination charges. It'll be followed by a version with a smaller battery capable of 350 miles on a single charge, starting at $74,800. The cheapest work truck, Chevy says, will start at $41,595, undercutting the cheapest Ford F-150 Lightning by around $20,000.

"With respect to the work truck, which is predominantly a fleet vehicle, we believe that that'll give us a competitive advantage in terms of those fleet customers," Harvey told reporters. "It's one of those that is optionality based upon customer need. And I think the key there is that we will be able to provide customer choice moving forward."

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