Chicago Hit And Run Ejects One Already Dead Passenger

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Chicago Hit And Run Ejects One Already Dead Passenger
Chicago Hit And Run Ejects One Already Dead Passenger

Police in Homewood, Illinois got quite the scare when they arrived at the scene of a hit and run between a Kia and a Cadillac only to find a passenger who was ejected had been dead for some time. It was the kind of situation that’s quite appropriate for this time of the year when ghosts and goblins come to your doorstep in search of candy.

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The crash involved what police believe was a stolen Kia of unnamed model, says Pantagraph. It allegedly was speeding when it hit a white Cadillac hearse so hard the casket being transported in the back was ejected.


We certainly hope the deceased wasn’t on the way to the graveside service with loved ones driving behind because that would’ve been a truly horrific situation, particularly if they skimped on the casket and that inferior construction literally came apart in the collision.

Three suspects bolted from the Kia after the crash, something we’ve seen all too often with stolen cars when they collide with another vehicle. Police were reportedly still looking for the car thieves/joyriders. If the usual pattern holds up, they will all be under the age of 18 and so will face light consequences if caught.

Sadly, the driver of the Cadillac hearse was injured badly enough to be transported to a local hospital. Instead of sticking around to help and facing the consequences of their actions, the people in the Kia decided to look out for themselves.

While this is certainly an odd situation, this crash yet again illustrates the danger we’re all in thanks to rampant car theft. Many times vehicles are stolen by kids who then joyride around in them, causing serious crashes all for a few minutes of fun.

Image via Chris J Mitchell