Child Caught Driving In Florida After Interstate Wreck

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Child Caught Driving In Florida After Interstate Wreck
Child Caught Driving In Florida After Interstate Wreck

A 10-year-old in Florida was caught driving a relative’s car only because of a crash on I-275. Thankfully the kid wasn’t seriously hurt, but investigators were left questioning just how often the juvenile had done such a thing before.

Ford F-150 police chase is a double hitter.

The child, who was behind the wheel of a Nissan Altima, was traveling north on I-275 in St. Petersburg when he tried passing a Ford F-250, sideswiping the truck, reports the Miami Herald. In other words, the kid probably drives about as well as half the Altima owners out there.

That sideswiping caused the Nissan sedan to spin out, slamming into the rail on a bridge while the driver of the pickup was able to slow to a stop without crashing again. No other vehicles were involved in the incident.


Three adult men in the Ford truck were uninjured in the crash. However, the child driver did suffer some minor injuries, but authorities didn’t elaborate on what those were. They did disclose the juvenile lives in St. Petersburg and took the Altima from a family member without permission.

What we don’t know is how long the kid had been driving without crashing, including how many times he might have taken the Nissan or any other vehicle without permission. Had he not sideswiped the truck, an error we can only attribute to not having enough experience behind the wheel, the child probably would still be driving secretly.

We’ve seen and even covered other incidents of minors driving without a license or permission. This always humors us since there’s some weird consensus among a portion of the population that kids these days don’t care about driving, usually with phones or gaming systems or TikTok or whatever as the supposed reason.

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