Chinese automaker Nio's new 650-mile-range EV drops the gauntlet on competition — here's the latest

Nio is continuing to put its competition on notice, with the ET9 being the latest electric vehicle from the Chinese automaker to turn heads.

As detailed by Green Car Reports, the flagship sedan is even longer than the luxury EV model Lucid Air at 79.3 inches, and its emphasis on fast-charging and battery swapping is sure to entice consumers interested in reducing pollution from their modes of transportation.

In December, Nio CEO William Li drove the ET7 sedan roughly 650 miles on a single charge, and while the automaker hasn't yet shared an estimated range for the ET9, there are indications it will be impressive.

While most EVs have high-voltage systems of 400 V and are moving toward 800 V, according to CnEVPost, the ET9 will be manufactured on a 925 V platform. Green Car Reports added that a five-minute recharge is expected to take the vehicle 158 miles.


Meanwhile, if a battery swap is needed, Nio wrote on its website that the process only takes three minutes. It can also reportedly shake snow off its body by vibrating, though how well this works in practice with different snow conditions remains to be seen.