Chinese National Flees US After Causing Fatal Drunken Crash

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Chinese National Flees US After Causing Fatal Drunken Crash
Chinese National Flees US After Causing Fatal Drunken Crash

Police in Bellevue, Washington are still trying to track down 26-year-old Ting Ye, a Chinese national, who they say killed the passenger in her Porsche 911 when she wrecked out while drunk. The only problem is she fled the country before authorities could stop her and getting her back to face the music might not be possible.

Watch a cop beat down a fleeing BMW.

Back on September 30, police in Bellevue responded to a single car crash, finding the overturned Porsche 911 with Ye and 27-year-old Yabao Liu inside. Liu was declared dead at the scene and police smelled alcohol on Ye’s breath. However, she was uncooperative with police.

Someone at the hospital screwed up big time, because nobody notified police when Ye was discharged. Instead, she was able to get someone to drive her across the Canadian border to Vancouver where she caught a flight to her native China, escaping the consequences of her actions, as covered by KOMO News.


Since a warrant hadn’t been issued for her arrest yet, she was able to get over the border without a problem. So she just slipped through the cracks. However, the person who gave her a ride to Vancouver could be facing charges.

Ye obviously didn’t show up for her court appearance and is facing vehicle homicide with bail set at $2 million. Bail could be set at $200 million for all the good that’ll do, sadly.

For now it sounds like police have resorted to speaking firmly, attempting to inform Ye that she needs to come back to the US and face her vehicular homicide charges instead of hiding back home in China. It’s a fat chance she’ll feel bad and come back to sit in an American prison for years on end.

After all, China doesn’t extradite to the US. But the report does mention police are “working with federal partners to bring Ye to justice” – whatever that means.

Images via Bellevue Police Department

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