Chip Foose Hot Rods A Mail Truck

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That’s it, he’s finally jumped the shark!

To keep things “fresh” or “relevant” or whatever for the Chip Foose Draws a Car series, the man seems to have decided hot rodding a USPS mail truck is the way to go. That’s right, that boxy Grumman LLV which delivers and sometimes loses your mail forever is getting the high-performance makeover from the California-based artist, and boy is it wild!

See how Chip Foose tweaked the first-gen Ford Bronco here.

How Foose came up with this idea is unclear, but it might have been the Pony Express. I say that because Foose seems to think the mail should be delivered quicker, and there I was just concerned with my Amazon package not showing as “In Transit” for 3 weeks with zero answers from USPS. But no, giving them a cool-looking truck with flame-spewing headers should be a top priority.