Chip Foose Off-Roads A Dodge Caravan

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He’s definitely trolling now…

Chip Foose has decided to use his YouTube series Chip Foose Draws A Car to do some truly interesting things, but turning a Dodge Caravan into an off-roader is one of the weirdest. At this point I suspect the man is really just trolling us all. He’s had a successful career and probably doesn’t care what we think. That must be why he’s redrawn the Lamborghini Countach so it’s utterly boring and redesigned the DeLorean DMC-12 so it’s looking at its own tail. I wish I were making this all up, but the man’s done this to himself.

Foose also hot-rods a mail truck you can see here.

Having done so many off-the-wall designs, Foose seems to have finally turned to The Simpsons for inspiration. I’m talking about the old school Simpsons back when the show was actually funny. In one episode Homer buys an SUV called the Canyonero but quickly abandons it since the model he bought is for women (it has a lipstick holder in the center console). Marge ends up with the Canyonero and it makes her into a road rage-induced maniac. This was immediately what came to mind when I saw what Foose has done with the Dodge Caravan.

Nobody in their right mind would consider turning any minivan into a hardcore off-roader. The difficulty and expense of doing so just isn’t worth it. After all, a modified minivan will never be cool no matter what anyone says.

The video, should you choose to watch it, is just filled with cringe-inducing moments. In fact, if you watch it and don’t cringe, you really need to question your tastes. For example, Foose calls the Dodge Caravan design “simple and elegant” at one point.

image credit: YouTube
image credit: YouTube

Despite Foose’s praise, he admits it’s not the vehicle he’d drive today. The whole point of transforming it into an off-roader is so it becomes something he would drive. I don’t know which is worse, driving a stock 1980s Dodge Caravan or this… thing. According to him, cutting off the roof is the first step towards making the minivan more exciting. Then he adds a rollbar (safety first, kids!) and lifts the thing, adding big mud tires. The entire time I kept waiting for Foose to yell out something about how he was just joking or something like that, but it never happened. And that’s it, that’s the video.

Check it out for yourself, if you can stand to cringe.

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