Chip Foose Redesigns The Volvo Amazon

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Oh wow, what an original design!

I’ve been disturbed lately by people making disparaging comments about Chip Foose and his redrawing of modern and classic cars. Anyone who says he’s just doing the same old thing over and over, like when he redesigned the modern Ford Bronco and it looked eerily similar to what he did with the first-gen Bronco, well they’re just grasping at straws. Foose makes every design as unique as possible, constantly evolving his work over time, and his video showing how he’d tweak the Volvo Amazon is proof.

Check out what Foose did to the new Ford Bronco here.


Just as a side note to our younger readers, whom other automotive sites have to treat as total idiots who know nothing about cars: the Amazon has nothing to do with the retail site you undoubtedly know and love. It was actually a small, pretty gutless little Swedish car most people didn’t pay attention to. This is what makes it perfect fodder for the Chip Foose Draws A Car video series since most people won’t have an opinion on it either way.

A growing number of tuners have been using the Amazon for their mad scientist projects. Some of these guys have done all sorts of interesting things with the little Swedish cars, shaving parts of the body, flaring out fenders, dropping in huge powertrains, and so forth. Then Foose steps up to the plate to put a unique spin on the car and does he ever hit a home run!

image credit: YouTube
image credit: YouTube

The man brings to bear all that is cool about Southern California today, which let me tell you is plenty, and loads all that coolness into his lowered, convertible Volvo Amazon. He makes the bold move of throwing bigger wheels on the car and shaves off the side markers and some trim, which is also very brave of him. Now, before you start arguing this looks like so many other doodles he’s done up to this point, let me assure you this work of art is like nothing Foose has done before, I swear to it.

If you don’t believe me, watch the video and see for yourself.

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