Chip Foose Takes On The New Bronco

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Excuse me while I get out my eye bleach…

The Chip Foose Draws a Car YouTube series has been quite the little adventure. While Foose sometimes draws something that might actually be pretty cool in real life, he tends to go for the far out, wacky designs which would only really work on a pad a paper. Among his more notable entries has been a Cubist-style DeLorean DMC-12, a boring version of the Lamborghini Countach, and an off-road Dodge Caravan (with faux wood paneling, of course). Now the man has decided to get crazy with the 2021 Ford Bronco.

See how Chip Foose turned a Dodge Caravan into an off-roader here.

This isn’t Foose’s first drawing foray with the Bronco. He took on the first-gen Bronco a while back, slamming it to the ground and making it some strange hotrod. A lot of people didn’t like his work then, so the most natural thing to do is go in the same general direction with the new Ford Bronco.

Personally, whenever I see an off-roader with great ground clearance and angles right out of the factory, I just want to lower it so getting over speed bumps is a challenge. It’s the most nonsensical thing to do, like putting huge mud tires on a muscle car, and that’s probably why people do just that (other than for attention on social media).

Most ironic about this video is how Foose starts off by complaining about how as the Bronco aged it became less trail-worthy. Uh, what does he think his lowered, street rod version is? Some self-awareness would be valuable here.

But don’t worry, since Ford made the Lightning, this tampering with the Bronco is totally cool. That’s some airtight logic there, yes sir. Foose then jokes about “doing a Bronco that got hit by lightning.” No, this isn’t a parody video.

image credit: YouTube
image credit: YouTube

He jokes that this version of the Bronco is the Foose Edition. Too bad there aren’t some Ford dealers willing to partner with him and actually offer such a creation to the public. It would probably be super popular among Hollywood stars since they’ll buy anything.

For the record, Foose does paise Ford for the design of the new Bronco. Yet the man still has no problem absolutely wrecking that design. But as the guy says, there are no rules when customizing a car and this is what he would want to do to his Bronco. Check it out for yourself and if you cringe, you win.

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