Chrysler 300 Car Repo Video Is Full Of Drama

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Chrysler 300 Car Repo Video Is Full Of Drama
Chrysler 300 Car Repo Video Is Full Of Drama

As the man backs the wrecker up to the Chrysler 300 to be repossessed, he and the woman get into a mini argument. She points out the debtor is pulling up in another car and tells the man to reverse to the Chrysler faster. But he doesn’t think it’s a big deal.

Watch a third gen Camaro repo get wild in a hurry.

The drama escalates after they stop the truck and the engine stumbles, then dies. The guy struggles to get her fired up again, right at the moment they need the wrecker functioning properly.

To guard against anyone trying to drive off in the car, the female repo agent sits in the front seat. That’s a smart move.


When a woman related to the debtor comes over, she seems perturbed but not irate, so at first it appears the car repo will go smoothly. Even when the debtor comes over, he seems upset but not overly emotional.

But these situations can go from relatively civil to explosive in no time. The one woman, who was in the backseat supposedly gathering personal property out of the Chrysler, suddenly climbs into the front passenger seat, tries pushing the female repo agent out of the vehicle, and all hell breaks loose.

During the commotion, another woman tries to get involved as yelling, shoving, and alleged punches are exchanged. That’s when the female repo agent calls the police. But a lot can happen before officers arrive on a scene like this.

If you ever have the misfortune of finding yourself in a car repo situation, this isn’t the way to handle it. Even if you feel emotional and think the lender isn’t being reasonable, the last thing you should do is assault the repo agent. They’re just doing their job, plus you could face criminal charges, especially since many in this line of work wear body cameras.

In the fray, the female repossession agent reveals she’s pregnant. People have thoughts about someone doing this kind of work while carrying a child. But then it comes out the one lady who assaulted her is supposedly also pregnant.

People also have thoughts about using an old truck with problems as a tow truck for repossessions. There’s just so much to unpack in this video.

At least things eventually calm down, the cops show up after a while, and they actually get the tow truck started. But for a minute there things are intense and could have gone far worse.

Image via RepoMan 336/YouTube