Chrysler 300 EV Rumored

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Will this revitalize the Chrysler brand?

It seems like so many automakers these days are spending their time chasing Tesla, including Stellantis. Unsurprisingly, Chrysler, a storied automotive brand that’s all but dead these days, wants to join in the fun by getting into the electrification game. That apparently means releasing an all-electric updated 300 sedan.

See the Chrysler 300C swan song here.

Already, we know Chrysler CEO Chris Feuell believes her brand can take a legitimate shot at Tesla. Don’t laugh too hard, but this woman is serious and she thinks in the process Chrysler will become hip and cool with all the youngsters. We know, it’s pretty delusional.


Now, Feuell reportedly is putting money where her mouth is. A Mopar Insiders report indicates Chrysler dealers were shown a new EV sedan that looked a lot like the evolution of the current 300, although sleeker and with a fastback. So it’s a lot like the Tesla Model 3 and S with their liftbacks. Everyone is just copying Tesla and it’s already old.

For reasons we attribute to just rabid brand loyalty, some people seem excited about this prospect of a Chrysler 300 that’s eerily similar to a Tesla Model 3. We think the whole idea is derivative and quite frankly boring. But with Chrysler essentially dead on the vine, this eventuality is also predictable given the disposition of the auto industry these days.

We already know the Chrysler Airflow concept vehicle, which was supposed to get all the kids excited about owning a crossover their parents would likely be more interested in and could actually afford, will be hitting the production line in Windsor in 2024 and released as a 2025 model right along with the Dodge Charger Daytona. And yes, it will be an EV, so expect the price to be pretty steep.

Images via Stellantis

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