Chrysler Teases a Wild Futuristic EV Concept

chrysler concept car
Chrysler Teases a Wild Futuristic EV ConceptStellantis
  • Chrysler is showing off a battery-electric concept car later this month.

  • This follows the Chrysler Airflow Concept that debuted at the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show.

  • Currently, the only product in Chrysler’s portfolio is the Pacifica minivan.

Since Chrysler showed off the Airflow EV Concept at the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show, there’s been a lull in any news surrounding the vehicle. And as of the end of 2023, the brand has been left with a single offering, the Pacifica minivan.

Hoping to expand its lineup, Chrysler is gearing up to show off another EV concept car. Details are still light on the upcoming concept, however.


In any case, it should be good news for Chrysler dealers, as their lots have been minivan-only spaces after the departure of the Chrysler 300 last year.

Chrysler says that it's planning on showing off this new EV concept on February 13, 2024, at 5:01 a.m. Eastern. It’s hard to glean any real information out of the teaser image above, but it seems like the folks at Chrysler are going to try to make this concept car look futuristic.

While we don’t even know what kind of vehicle is scheduled to make an appearance, we do know that Stellantis has three EV platforms that could help this machine get to the assembly line sooner rather than later.

Of course, if it’s a Chrysler 300 replacement, we can probably take a hard look at the upcoming production version of the upcoming Dodge Charger to see how Chrysler and Dodge plan to implement the Stellantis EV architecture.

We’ll know a little bit more about this concept car in about a week. Make sure to check back then.

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