Church Security Guard Holds Repo Man At Gunpoint

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Church Security Guard Holds Repo Man At Gunpoint
Church Security Guard Holds Repo Man At Gunpoint

A tense exchange went down between a repo man about to scoop up a vehicle in a Kalamazoo, Michigan church parking lot and a security officer. That volunteer security officer held the repo man at gunpoint just as he was going to scoop up a car the bank ordered to be repossessed.

Watch an Arkansas father hold up the repo man.

In an interview with WOOD TV8, the repo agent said the security guard was prepared to put his life on the line to protect the car out for repossession. He also claimed the guard stated he was ready to shoot the repo man who was just doing his job.


Some people, and we’re assuming the security guard is one of them, feel church parking lots should be off-limits to repo agents and any other perceived aggressors.

The WOOD TV8 report states Michigan law allows for car repossessions to be done on private property so long as the repo agent doesn’t break into a structure or locked gate. There’s no mention of an exception for church parking lots.

But the pastors of the church told WOOD TV8 that the repo agent was trespassing on private property. What’s more, one of the pastor’s said the repo man had “no rights to” the car he was trying to repossess.

And that’s where the situation gets really interesting: the repo agent apparently did have the wrong car. He thought it was one he had been looking for, but it just looked the same. Usually, after lifting a vehicle repo men will check the VIN to confirm they have the right vehicle, but the guy didn’t have the chance to do that since he had a gun pointed at him immediately.

When police arrived, they at first arrested the church security guard for alleged felonious assault. But the case obviously isn’t settled and might not be for some time.

Who’s in the right here: the repo man or the security guard?

Image via WOOD TV8/YouTube

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