Citroën Ami Driver Rolls Over at Monaco's Famous Hairpin

citroen ami rollover
Watch a Citroën Ami Roll Over at Monaco's HairpinBenelux Supercars / YouTube

We love the Citroën Ami here at Road & Track, but the tiny EV is not intended for spirited driving. The microcar's odd proportions make it poorly-suited to hard cornering, and going too fast through a hairpin could prove disastrous. One driver found that out the hard way at the most famous hairpin on any public road in the world, the signature corner of Monaco's Grand Prix circuit.

In a video shared by YouTuber Benelux Supercars, the Citroën can be seen flying through the corner with significant body roll in one direction. On the way uphill, the car stays planted. When it comes back the other way, however, that body roll becomes a serious problem quickly. The car is starting to pitch over early in the corner, and by the apex it flops over onto the passenger's side. The roof hits a bollard, bouncing it back into the lane on its side.

Footage from outside the corner shows more runs of the Ami successfully making the corner at full speed before the rollover. When it finally does roll over, it slides on its side for a few feet before hitting the bollard protecting pedestrians with the back of the car's roof.

At one point, Citroën Amis were going to be available in both Portland and Washington, D.C. as part of a third-party ride sharing program. Free2Move does not list Amis as available for rental in either market on their site today, but, if you can find one in America, please do not try to find the cornering speeds where it will roll over.

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