Citroen C3

citroen c3 review 2024 01 front tracking
citroen c3 review 2024 01 front tracking

The Ford Fiesta may be dead, yet its rivals have taken the initiative by trying to make a new supermini that becomes the default choice in the class.

New Renault Clio, Suzuki Swift and MG 3 models have all been launched in recent months to try to take the Fiesta's crown, and now the new Citroën C3 is making its bid.

The C3 is a visually identical petrol-powered sibling to the new Citroën ë-C3 that is being launched at the same time, the two also sharing a new architecture called ‘Smart Car’ that’s designed to keep costs down.

And it does just that: the new C3 is generously equipped and a newer model still manages to undercut the entry-level Renault Clio.