Classic Car Bursts Into Flames On The Road

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This is scary…

Car fires are one of the scariest things you can face while driving anywhere. They can crop up suddenly and spread so fast you have little time to pull over and get out, which is exactly what happened to the driver of a classic Morgan roadster as he headed to a car meet in the UK recently.

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According to a local report from York Mix, the driver was taking his classic car to a rally north of York on April 21 when at 12:45 pm it caught fire. Firefighters arrived on the scene and used “one hose reel jet, a thermal imaging camera, and small tools” to put the blaze out.


While it’s great that the driver was able to get out of the car without suffering injury, the Morgan didn’t fare so well. From the photo taken by one of the firefighters and posted to Twitter, we can see the passenger-side engine cowling has quite the hole melted through it, indicating the fire most likely started there. The blue paint was burned off most of the passenger side of the car, with holes burned through the door as well.

We can also see extensive damage to the windshield frame (sorry, windscreen for the Brits) and the passenger-side headlight housing looks to have detached from the front end. Since firefighters are concentrating on the interior, we’d safely bet some damage was done to the dash and seats as well.

Hopefully this Morgan will be restored and back on the road before too long, despite what looks to be extensive damage. A number of issues can cause fires in classic cars, most especially any kind of fuel system leak. Electrical problems and other fluid leaks can also lead to a fire. It’s not a bad idea to carry an onboard fire extinguisher in your ride, although in this case we’re not sure how much good it would’ve done.

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