A Classic Car Collection on a Deserted Airstrip

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This is a once in a lifetime find!

Nestled in the heart of the desert lies a remarkable discovery for classic car enthusiasts – a former airstrip transformed into a treasure trove of automotive history. This location, once a bustling hub for aircraft, has become a sanctuary for classic and restomod cars, merging the charm of yesteryear with modern performance.

The site is a magnet for those passionate about resurrecting automotive legends. It's not just a graveyard for forgotten vehicles but a bustling workshop where skilled mechanics breathe new life into these vintage gems. The collection is as diverse as it is vast, featuring everything from elegant muscle cars to quirky station wagons, making it a veritable paradise for antique car aficionados.

Among the many finds, visitors can marvel at a luxurious Packard limousine, a sleek 1944 Buick coupe, and a rare COPO Corvette. The airstrip-turned-garage is a testament to the 1960s automotive era, with models like the 1964 Pontiac Grand Prix echoing the owner's personal history in car sales.

The surprises continue with a unique Cadillac prototype, boasting the distinction of being the first off the production line. The variety extends to a Chrysler 300 and a bold, orange Camaro, complete with a roll cage and cowl induction hood. But the crown jewel is undoubtedly a 1953 Corvette, number 175 of only 300 ever made, a find that would make any collector's heart race.

The exterior of the building is surrounded by more vehicles, each telling its own story of past glory. While they may not be in pristine condition, the potential for restoration is undeniable. This former airstrip, with its incredible array of classic cars, stands as a hidden gem in the desert, waiting to be explored by those who cherish automotive history.

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