College grad shares 'weirdest things' about living in a sorority house: 'This whole concept is wild to me'

Though she’s now a college grad, Becca Moore (@beccamooore) is coming clean about the two years she spent in a college sorority — and TikTok has been absolutely glued to her mini tell-all.

“The weirdest thing for me about living in the house was that no matter how weird the rules got in the house, you couldn’t really complain about it to each other because you never knew who you could trust,” Moore says in the clip.

That’s because a fellow sorority sister could potentially run and tell “Exec” what you said, leaving you in the dark as to who was truly on your side and who wasn’t, Moore continued.

According to The Business Journal, “Exec” refers to the executive council of leadership that runs each chapter. Typically, they’re in charge of things like budgets, rushing new members and philanthropic activities, but they also have control over enforcing house rules.

There was also a lot of tension surrounding social media photos since members of Moore’s sorority were forbidden from being seen smoking or drinking in photos posted online. This proved a problem when Moore was caught drinking in a photo from her cousin’s wedding, which was later shared on social media.


“They have full access to me, so they come knocking on my door, and they’re like, ‘This picture needs to be taken down immediately,'” Moore recalled. “And I’m like, ‘What am I supposed to do, tell my cousin Amanda she has to take down her own wedding photos?'”

Ultimately, that’s exactly what she had to do, even though Moore felt pretty terrible about it.

Other “weird” things about sorority life were the house meetings that often occurred to discuss any ongoing drama. Typically, this happened while all of the house members sat in a circle together.

“[It was] one of those things that doesn’t seem real but somehow was real,” said Moore.

She also had to get used to having a “House Mom,” which she described as “a random lady who lives with you” and basically makes sure you’re following the rules and “that you all stay alive.” In her case, this became awkward when her House Mom started acting like her real mom, attempting to punish the girls in the house for something by taking away their TV privileges.

At the same time, there were definitely a bunch of upsides to living in a sorority house — starting with the chef they had who cooked all their meals.

Moore also admitted that she loved living with the older sorority sisters, even if they were a bit intimidating. They once made her see the error of her ways when she was dating a pretty “evil” guy, and she never forgot the advice they gave her on having more self-respect.

So far, the video has received more than 4.6 million views and thousands of comments.

Some people can’t get over how wildly different sorority life can be compared to “real” life (in a weird and almost creepy way).

“It’s SO culty,” one person said.

“They said prison but make it girly,” joked another.

A lot of people who live outside of the U.S. couldn’t even wrap their heads around it.

“as a non american this whole concept is wild to me,” another wrote.

“I’m to European to even fathom any of this,” said someone else.

But perhaps this person’s comment summed it up best: “And the worst part: YOU PAY MONEY FOR THIS EXPERIENCE.”

As it turns out, Moore was eventually booted from the sorority, though she never really explains why. Still, it seems pretty clear that as time has passed, her time inside those walls is seeming stranger and stranger than ever.

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