Colombian Navy Makes Big Cocaine Bust After Boat Chase

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Colombian Navy Makes Big Cocaine Bust After Boat Chase
Colombian Navy Makes Big Cocaine Bust After Boat Chase

While car chases are fun and all, we do love a good boat chase, and this one involving some drug runners versus the Colombian Navy is an exciting one. Authorities released a video that’s been shared by a number of news outlets showing part of the chase and the nearly four tons of cocaine seized.

Watch a good police horse chase.

That’s right, enough cocaine to keep Congressional staffers, Hollywood executives, and used car salesmen going for a few months was seized by the Colombian Navy in what they’re saying is the biggest drug bust they’ve made this year.

The accused drug runners, who seemed to have plenty of damning evidence on them, were in a speed boat near San Andres Isla off the coast of Colombia. The vessel was detected initially by the United States Southern Command, which alerted Colombian authorities.


At first the Colombian Air Force tracked the craft from above, then a Colombian Navy ship moved to intercept.

During the chase between the two watercrafts, authorities say the drug runners were throwing packages overboard while taking evasive actions. That’s hardly something a group of innocent travelers would do.

You see in the footage at one point the Colombian Navy vessel almost landed on the other ship, which might have scared the suspects enough to finally give up. At least they didn’t start shooting.

Once authorities were able to take the speedboat to a dock, they unloaded the many packages of cocaine which were in containers covered with a blue tarp. Once it was weighed, the cargo tipped the scale at a whopping 3.7 tons. That’s a lot of coke!

Five men were on the speedboat, say Colombian authorities: three from Colombia, one from Venezuela, and one from Honduras. That should put a little dent in the drug trade.

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