The color choices inside this California home for sale are ... well, see for yourself

A home referred to as an “entertainer’s dream” has landed on the real estate market in Palm Springs, California. But be warned before you look at the photos — the interior color pallet is … rather bold.

The three-bedroom, three-bathroom mid-century modern is considered a “time capsule” by the listing on and listed for $2.299 million. Along with its super bright inside, the home has been “published many times over by large fashion brands, jewelry companies, major celebrity musical acts, lifestyle, film and television projects,” the listing notes.

Iridescent splashes of bubble gum pinks, dramatic Scarlett O’Hara greens, sunshine yellows and Caribbean blues flow through different rooms of the house, giving them their own identities.

Primary bedroom
Primary bedroom

Features of the 3,350-square-foot residence include:

  • Updated kitchen

  • Double pan Fleetwood sliders

  • Updated windows

  • Swimming pool

  • Private guest quarters

  • Bar

The bold decor turned heads on Zillow Gone Wild, a Facebook page that highlights unique homes for sale all over the country, and people were either impressed or perplexed.

“This is the most Wes Anderson home I’ve seen in a while. I’m not crazy about the bedroom because it looks like…um…I’m sure you can guess where I’m going,” one person joked.

“The Royal Tenenbaums” director is known for his spellbinding use of color to set the mood in his films.

“I would not change a thing! I’d even invest in a vintage 50s/60s wardrobe complete with fur-edged silk pajamas and house heels. All in!” another noted.

“It’s a bit much but I don’t hate it. I’m glad this time capsule was preserved,” someone said.

“Surely this isn’t staged. If it comes furnished and is in a good area, this is a deal. I’d love a shrine to the seventies,” one person observed.

“I’m green with envy!” another joked.

“WHO LIVES HERE? I need to know,” someone said.

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