Colorado Mass Carjacker Arrested

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Colorado Mass Carjacker Arrested
Colorado Mass Carjacker Arrested

A man in Longmont, Colorado went on a carjacking spree that included at one point taking a state patrol cruiser. It was quite the crime spree which thankfully didn’t result in any injuries or deaths but easily could have ended so much worse.

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Anthony McGregor is facing a string of charges, including multiple counts of motor vehicle theft, after he took several cars while in possession of a weapon. A report from KKTV doesn’t specify exactly what kind of weapon McGregor had or how it was used during the mass carjacking event.


The incident kicked off at about 8:30 on October 29 when Colorado State Patrol received a call about a stolen vehicle which had been deactivated by OnStar. McGregor ditched that car when law enforcement contacted him, choosing instead to steal an unmarked trooper’s vehicle.

A chase ensued and troopers used some tactical interventions, exactly which ones weren’t specified, to disable the cruiser partly. If we had to guess we’d say they blew out some of the tires. McGregor then ditched the cruiser at a gas station, stealing a Chevy Cruze.

That’s when the chase continued into Longmont and troopers lost sight of the crappy little Cruze. We don’t know how you get smoked by a suspect in an four-banger economy car. That’s just embarrassing.

To the shock of nobody, a person later in the day reported to police their Dodge Ram had been carjacked by a suspect matching McGregor’s description. Police located the Cruze ditched along a highway near Lyons.

Finally, CSP along with Longmont Police and Boulder County Sheriff’s Office tracked down and arrested McGregor. We assume he wasn’t driving at the time since this guy apparently can use the crapiest vehicles to successfully run from police.

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