Here Come The Robot Police Dogs

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Here Come The Robot Police Dogs
Here Come The Robot Police Dogs

If you’re like us, you’ve seen videos for the past few years of more and more advanced robots in development, including these four-legged “dogs.” Never did we imagine that in 2023 we’d see one of these in action during a police standoff, yet that’s exactly what happened in Los Angeles yesterday.

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This Los Angeles Police Department robot dog was deployed after someone on a bus noticed another passenger had a gun under his seat. The guy with the gun was asleep, says KTLA. After the witness told the bus driver, everyone got off the bus and the guy who had the gun stayed inside.

After police arrived, they decided to send the robot dog into the bus. You can see it in action in the video report from KTLA – it’s pretty horrifying. The thing was apparently supposed to retrieve the gun from the suspect but the guy woke up and came out of the bus looking pretty damn confused.


We’d be pretty disoriented if we were chilling on the bus, fell asleep, then woke up to it stopped and nobody else on it, and there’s this robot “dog” with a clamp thing on top – perfect for grabbing your gun or mangling your face – walking around. No wonder the guy got out of there and wanted to know what the hell was going on.

In the report KTLA said it wasn’t clear why the guy had a gun. We’re going to guess he’s probably concerned about all the violent crime in Los Angeles, but that’s honestly just a good educated guess. They also seemed mystified about how he could stay asleep. Do these people know how many jobs everyone’s working these days so they can afford inflated prices at the grocery store alone?

We always thought the first time we saw these robot dogs in action would’ve been on a battlefield in WWIII. Guess we were wrong. Boy, the future sure seems like a crazy time we’ll all be living in soon enough.

Now check out the video and see the “dog” that might be coming at you when you wake up one day.