How Will You Configure Your 2024 Ford Mustang?

2024 mustang configurator
How Will You Configure Your 2024 Ford Mustang?Ford

Order books for the new 2024 Ford Mustang open today, and the configurator for the sixth-generation Pony car is now up on Ford's website. Naturally, this has us playing around, while we wait for our opportunity to drive the new car.

It's hard not to go for the new Dark Horse model, which sits above the GT as the current flagship of the lineup. The Dark Horse gets 500 hp compared to the GT's 486 hp, and adds MagneRide Dampers and a sports exhaust to the standard-equipment list. You also get a number of cooling upgrades to aid track performance and Pirelli PZ4 P-Zero tires, plus requisite visual mods. The Dark Horse Handling Package costs $4500 and brings with it sticker Pirelli Trofeo tires with a much wider footprint, a new rear wing with integrated Gurney, stiffer springs, adjustable front top mounts, and larger anti-roll bars. Those tires are massive, measuring 305/30R19 up front and 315/30R19 in back, compared with the 255/40R19 and 275/40R19s of the "standard" Dark Horse.

We'd option this package, though it does make the car quite expensive, bringing the price up to $65,365. In the interest of saving a bit of money, we'd skip the Premium model, but we would add the $1650 Recaro seats, which should be more supportive for track driving. As for color, I've picked a longtime Ford favorite, Grabber blue, but the Dark Horse-exclusive Vapor blue is very tempting too. In total, this car costs $67,015.


It's a lot of money. As we pointed out last month, the Chevrolet Camaro SS 1LE starts at $48,295 and that price rises to $53,295 if you opt for the higher-spec 2SS package. The Mustang has more power—500 hp vs 455 hp—and it is a newer car, but the SS 1LE is still an excellent car. When you consider that a loaded 1LE costs thousands less than a no-option Dark Horse, it seems like a tough pill to swallow. The proof will be in how the Mustang drives.

In any case, you won't be able to buy a Camaro after 2024 and Dodge's V-8 muscle cars go away after this year, so the Mustang will soon own this market segment.

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