Cop Dodge Charger Bullies Chevy Silverado Into Submission

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Cop Dodge Charger Bullies Chevy Silverado Into Submission
Cop Dodge Charger Bullies Chevy Silverado Into Submission

Criminals can sometimes be doggedly determined to get away from police, and that desperation can turn downright deadly. We’ve seen fleeing suspects try all sorts of things, both effective and ridiculous, while attempting to escape pursuing cops. But this video of a Florida Highway Patrol Dodge Charger harassing a Chevy Silverado into submission is pretty amazing.

Watch a Dodge Charger play chicken with police.

Originally, FHP tried pulling the truck over to investigate one of the occupants for suspected possession of drugs. At the end of the chase, after the men and truck were searched, charges for armed cocaine trafficking were apparently filed, so FHP perhaps had a good source on what these guys were up to.


As one might imagine, people who are armed and have a substantial amount of drugs in their vehicle really don’t want to get caught. Once these guys realize that’s exactly what’s going to happen they punch it, trying to use the pickup in every way to ditch troopers.

And while the driver gave it his best shot, keeping that accelerator down and swerving through traffic on the Florida Turnpike, he just couldn’t outdrive the lead trooper who was in a trusty Dodge Charger Pursuit.

Keeping up with a suspect is one thing, but taking down that fleeing vehicle is something else. And while Dodge Chargers aren’t exactly lightweights, a big Silverado like this one isn’t a pushover by any means. At first the Mopar seems to barely affect the truck as the trooper tries to do a TVI.

The Charger keeps bouncing off the larger, heavier vehicle but the trooper’s determination finally nets a big PIT, spinning the pickup 180 degrees and breaking one of the rear axles, ending the chase in a hurry. It’s quite the takedown and shows how training can trump criminals using something more dominating as a getaway vehicle.

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