Cops Called On Kids Riding In Tesla Model S Jump Seats

On Oct. 30, a man grabs a child and puts her in the trunk of his Tesla Model S. He then proceeds to drive off. Onlookers call the cops, who trace the car and confront the man as he returns home. They ask to see in his trunk, and sure enough, there sits a young girl possibly around the age of 5.

Of course, those with knowledge of Tesla’s all-electric sedan will note that an optional third-row trunk seat is available, turning the sedan into more of a squished SUV. The child was safely strapped into that rear-facing seat, and calmly climbed out clinging to what appears to be her blanket. Her father and mother stand in their driveway, somewhat in shock.

Henry Wettstein posted the video of the incident to YouTube, apparently captured from a home security camera. We see the police approaching in a friendly manner, laughing the incident off, saying, “There’s seats in here? Nice! I like that.”

Since its birth, the Tesla Model S has attracted attention as the first electric vehicle you might actually want to own. That attention has continued with booming stock prices, the launch of the Model X, and a Tesla’s new ability to (mostly) drive itself. The potential to make you look like a kidnapper, however? Well, that’s attention no one expected.