Cops End Slowest Chase Ever By Flipping Stolen Front-Loader With Another Front-Loader

The heaviest and slowest police chase ever. - Screenshot: Gwinnett County Police
The heaviest and slowest police chase ever. - Screenshot: Gwinnett County Police

If someone steals a car, police don’t chase after them on foot in the hope they’ll be able to keep up, do they? So it stands to reason that if someone steals some heavy machinery, then a standard cop car probably won’t be much help in bringing them to justice. This way of thinking led Georgia police to decide the only way to prevent a crime getting out of had was to fight fire with fire.

On Monday, a 38-year-old from Georgia attempted to make off with a massive front-loader, leading police on a chase through the streets while they tried to flee in the massive truck. However, not wanting to let the man get away, Georgia police reportedly called for backup in the form of another front-loader, reports Car Scoops.

The 75,000 pound front loader was stolen from a waste management site in Gwinnett County, Georgia, following a disagreement with an employee. When police tried and failed to bring the altercation to an end before things got out of hand, the stolen front-loader was driven off the site and onto the streets.


Police chased the stolen vehicle onto the streets, but one stayed behind to commandeer a front-loader of their own. As Car Scoops reports:

At this point, the police split up their efforts a bit. Most continued chasing the suspect while one returned to the business. That officer rounded up a driver and a second front-loader to help end the chase. Bodycam shows some of the conversations where an employee and officer discuss how fast these machines go. “They can get up to probably about 30,” an employee says.

Officers then escorted the second front-loader to the chase where the two began to battle. After several collisions caught on dashcam, the pursuing front-loader managed to pick up a corner of the fleeing vehicle and flip it onto its side. That’s when officers swooped in and arrested the suspect.

This honestly sounds like the plotline of a bad “Fast & Furious” knockoff, or maybe it’s the kind of battle we’ll be left fighting for our next meal when the world runs out of food.

Either way, the chase resulted in the perpetrator needing to head to hospital for checks following their arrest. Now, they’re facing a barrage of charges, including Criminal Trespass, Fleeing or Attempting to Elude, Reckless Driving, and Obstruction of a Law Enforcement Officer.

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