Cops Stand Zero Chance Of Catching Italian Luxury Sports Car

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Cops Stand Zero Chance Of Catching Italian Luxury Sports Car
Cops Stand Zero Chance Of Catching Italian Luxury Sports Car

Sometimes a police chase, even with fairly capable pursuit vehicles, is a lost cause. The only hope police have in those situations is that the suspect will wreck out, hopefully not into some innocent person just driving home from work. This chase involving what we’re told is a Maserati is just such a case.

Did this Arkansas trooper screw up?

We don’t even get to really see the fleeing car, only a little spec in the distance, so we can’t even confirm if it’s a Maserati and if so what model. Instead, that information comes to the Arkansas trooper while he’s doing a traffic stop on some young guy driving a convertible Volkswagen Beetle – that ought to be an arrestable offense.


Concluding that job quickly, the trooper jumps in his cruiser and takes off, eager to catch some hotshot blasting down the freeway in an Italian luxury sports car. But he can never even get close enough to read the suspect’s license plate.

Even when traffic is heavy, the Maserati takes to the shoulder, swerves around slower cars, and just doesn’t let up. Whoever is driving knows the car well and knows how to get through traffic quickly. Wouldn’t it be funny to learn the driver is a former or off-duty cop? It does happen.

Going through a town, the suspect breaks past the 150 mph barrier. If it is a Maserati, that’s really not horribly hard to do. But for the police cruiser that’s too much and so the trooper can only push his to around 140 mph and try to not crash.

During the pursuit the trooper casually answers the phone twice, sounding like Hank Hill just hanging out with his friends on a hot Saturday afternoon.

Image via LRHNCash/YouTube

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