Corvette Boat Crashes In Louisiana

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A million-dollar boat is now badly damaged and two people were hurt…

A so-called “Corvette Boat” launched out of the water on the Tickfaw River in Louisiana recently, snapping trees before it finally came to rest on the shore. Video and photos of the aftermath are pretty shocking, but with such a powerful 48-foot catamaran capable of going over 170 mph, it was bound to happen sooner or later.

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Per a local report from ABC affiliate WBRZ 2, the April 23 crash involved five occupants in the boat. Thankfully, none of them were ejected during the crash, although several fairly large trees were taken out as the boat suddenly veered right, slicing through the tree line before coming to a rest on its side.

According to Marine Technology, which makes the 48 MTI, this 48-foot catamaran is the company’s hottest seller. It retails for between $800,000 and $1.4 million depending on how the boat is optioned. The one involved in this accident reportedly cost about $1 million.


Built for speed, the boat features six seats and no cabin. Twin Mercury Racing 1350 engines provide a whopping 1,025-horsepower, and adding a supercharger plus using race fuel pushes output to 1,200-hp, according to MTI. One owner adding twin turbos, eking out 1,350-hp for their 48 MTI.

That kind of blistering performance, combined with the low-slung and long look of the 48 MTI and its siblings at different lengths has earned it the unofficial nickname of the Corvette Boat. We’ve seen these boats wow people at different bodies of water before, including an all-black version which famously ran from the Coast Guard.

However, with great power comes the need for great skill and vigilance. We can’t say what caused this horrific crash, but it took out one of only nine built so far. At least nobody was seriously hurt or killed.

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