Corvette Celebrates 70

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An Iconic Journey Featured at LeMay-America's Car Museum.

Seventy years ago, America fell in love with its first sports car. Since then, the Chevrolet Corvette has solidified its status as a national treasure, symbolizing speed, elegance, and the American spirit.

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LeMay-America's Car Museum in Tacoma takes a deep dive into this storied journey with their fresh exhibit, "Corvette Creativity – An Automotive Canvas." As aptly put by Museum's executive director, Gary Yamamoto, "From an American lens, the Corvette has constantly been at the forefront of design."


While today it’s regarded as an icon, the Corvette’s inception in 1953 was Chevy’s response to dwindling sales. The first model's visually stunning design wowed many but left a little to be desired performance-wise. "That changed dramatically in '57 with the introduction of the V8 engine, and from there, the love for 'Vette just surged," reminisced Yamamoto.

The exhibit encapsulates the Corvette's evolution through eight design generations. However, its essence — its undeniable allure and unmatched speed — remains unaltered. "One doesn't need to be a motorhead to fall in love with a Corvette," Yamamoto quipped.

The displayed cars, sourced from Northwest aficionados, shine a spotlight on the personal touches added by their owners, from unique color schemes to performance modifications. Notably, a Corvette, which belongs to the team behind "Supercar Driven," a Seattle-based vlog, boasts a newly-installed titanium exhaust. "You have to hear it to grasp its magnificence," said Yamamoto.

Moreover, the exhibit houses some unparalleled gems. There’s a racing Corvette previously owned by Tim Allen of "Home Improvement" and a mesmerizing 'Black Rose' Corvette. "At one glance, it's deep burgundy; at another, it's jet black," described Yamamoto, encapsulating the vehicle's enchantment.

The Corvette's enduring appeal? Its elegant design combined with the powerful growl, and yes, its incredible horsepower. Highlighting the Corvette's evolving prowess, Yamamoto added, "The latest E Corvette can bolt from zero to 60 in a mere 2.5 seconds. Now that's lightning speed!"

"Corvette Creativity– An Automotive Canvas" will run until March 2024 at LeMay-America's Car Museum on East D Street, Tacoma. It's an invite to all – car buffs or not – to be part of this incredible automotive celebration. Open every day, except for Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

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