Corvette Flips Trying To Do Burnout While Exiting Car Show

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Corvette Flips Trying To Do Burnout While Exiting Car Show
Corvette Flips Trying To Do Burnout While Exiting Car Show

Sometimes we just look at a photo of a car accident and wonder just how the hell it happened. Even with the explanation that this Corvette driver was trying to perform a burnout when he flipped the sports car, we still have no idea how this is even possible.

This is one of the most ridiculous car crashes we’ve ever seen.

We can only imagine how embarrassed this driver felt after, or at least he should feel that way. If not, he might try doing another burnout, only to have his vehicle end up on top of a house or in a lake.

The BayNet says this incident, which took place on the afternoon of October 21 in Ridge, Maryland, was a single vehicle rollover accident. To us it looks like the Chevy just died, probably after the driver couldn’t do a proper burnout.


This all went down reportedly as the Corvette was leaving the American Legion Post 255 annual car show. Somehow we’re not surprised considering so much foolishness happens as people leave automotive gatherings.

According to the report, the driver refused further medical care after EMS evaluated him. After all, they can’t fix a broken ego and ruined reputation at the hospital. And they can’t make the guy’s buddies give back his man card, which rightfully was confiscated after this.

While you certainly can flip a Corvette, it’s not as easy as flipping a lot of taller cars with the center of gravity higher off the ground, like say a Jeep Wrangler or your mom’s ride. So to flip this car, we imagine the driver who can’t rip a proper burnout hit a curb perhaps? But how that causes the ‘Vetter to end up with all four wheels in the air is the big question.

We hope someone has video footage of this incident, because we have so many questions.

Image via Ridge Volunteer Fire Department