Corvette Spins Out, Wrecks Big In Texas

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Everything is bigger in Texas…

It seems like we’ve been covering quite a few Corvette accidents lately, many of them single-car incidents. Everyone can come up with their theories about why that might be and for how long this has been going on, but we think it’s fair to say it’s not always a Mustang these days.

See what a teen did to his parents’ C5 Corvette here.

The latest example comes via Abilene, Texas via a Report from Big County. What’s obviously not a C8 Corvette wrecked out big time while cutting off an 18-wheeler on I-20. Police say the car spun out and hit an outside barrier. This is what you get for not giving big rigs plenty of space and we hope everyone learns from this guy’s absolutely stupid mistake.


The remnants of the ‘Vette make it hard to identify exactly which generation it is, but we think it might be a C7. The best clue is the rear hatch that’s up and glassless, because the rest of the body is pretty much gone. That, combined with the exposed engine in the front, makes it obvious this wasn’t a C8.

Whatever it was, the poor sports car will be sitting in a junkyard now. Some parts, perhaps the engine and transmission, etc., will be used to help other people have some fun. Let this also be a lesson about what happens when you hot dog it around on the highway without taking into account you’re in a powerful, rear-wheel-drive vehicle, and – we’re really going out on a limb here – marginal driving skills. If you want to really see what your car can do, go to an open track day so the worst you can do is murder some cones or track barriers, and maybe your car, but everyone on the interstate will be just fine.

Thanks to this guy, traffic was backed up for quite a way, and we’re sure everyone really appreciated that.

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