Corvette ZR1 Owner Wrecks Leaving Car Meet

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Some people shouldn’t drive powerful cars…

For those who have never driven anything more powerful than a Toyota Camry with a V6, they might be shocked to learn there’s more to wrangling a performance machine than just slamming on the gas and brakes. One guy with a C7 Corvette ZR1 learned this lesson the hard way as he left the Windermere Cars and Coffee event in Florida not too long ago.

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In video footage captured by a bystander and uploaded to Instagram, we can see the guy behind the wheel of what’s essentially a supercar gave in to temptation while leaving the meet and dropped the hammer hard. Immediately, the car pulls right, then left, careening over the curb in a heart-stopping moment.


This video could be used for a “life comes at you fast” type commercial. One moment, you’re basking in the positive attention of everyone admiring your hot ride as you leave a car meet, then the next you’re the subject of ridicule. That’s just how quickly your luck can change when you don’t use your brain.

One problem with these car meets is the crowd. Sure, the driver here was the one who decided to send it, but the crowd absolutely was encouraging him. And some weak-minded individuals whose parents didn’t have the talk about jumping off cliffs or wearing masks because all the cool kids were doing it just don’t have the ability to resist that kind of peer pressure.

Obviously, this guy should’ve known better. After all, if the ZR1 is in fact his car and not daddy’s that he borrowed for Cars and Coffee (which is of course possible) then he should be familiar enough with it to know what happens when you get up on that throttle. And yet he still did it and now gets to literally pay the price.

Now check out the video for yourself (warning: language).

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