You Could Own Willow Springs—If You Have the Money

classic cars at willow springs
You Could Own Willow SpringsKlemantaski Collection - Getty Images
  • Willow Springs International Raceway is listed for sale but not with a target price.

  • The legendary racetrack north of Los Angeles was purchased by Bill Huth in 1962 and was left to his family after he died in 2015.

  • Willow Springs International Raceway has a dedicated website for the sale, which is found here.

If you have some money burning a hole in your pocket, there might be a solution to your problem in Rosamond, California. For those not intimately familiar with Southern California geography, legendary Willow Springs International Raceway is up for grabs. Founded in 1953, the racetrack is back on the open market.


Informally dubbed “the fastest road in the west,” racing legend Ken Miles helped influence the track’s original layout. In 1962, Bill Huth bought the track and owned it until he died in 2015. From there, the family has owned and operated the track to this day.

It’s hard to discuss Willow Springs without talking about its space in sports car racing history. Willow Springs gave racers like Miles—and race car programs like Shelby Automotive—a space to race and develop their cars. Considering its history, it makes sense that it’s also made its way into films like Ford v. Ferrari.

Now, there is a minor hiccup in this racetrack-buying process. While we can all assume it’s going to be on the more expensive side of the real estate world, there isn’t an official price. That said, it is expected to trade hands for over $2 million.

There’s another wrinkle: a prospective buyer. Popular YouTube personality and racing enthusiast Emelia Hartford uploaded a video to her channel saying she’s in talks with her real estate agent and the folks representing Willow Springs. In her video, Hartford says “I’m going to do everything in my power to buy Willow Springs.” It doesn’t get clearer than that.

A popular YouTube creator buying a racetrack wouldn’t be the most absurd path to the track’s long-term success. Another YouTube creator Garret Mitchell, who goes by Cleetus McFarland, purchased a racetrack compound in Bradenton, Florida, and turned it into a successful endeavor.

Regardless of who buys Willow Springs, hopefully, it sticks around for years to come as a place for enthusiasts, racers, and automakers to throw down their best laps.

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