Of Course Amazon Tried to Get Out of Paying a Woman When a Driver Totaled Her Car

amazon delivery truck
amazon delivery truck

Back in February, Tampa, Florida resident Sara Dooley’s car was hit by an Amazon driver. As WFLA reports, the car was damaged enough to be considered totaled. “He hits the gas thinking he’s going to go out, and he rams right back into my car,” Dooley told WFLA. “It knocked it forward and backward, and the step he uses to get into the truck was actually in my car.”

In case you missed it:

It sounds like an open-and-shut case. Dooley didn’t do anything wrong. The Amazon driver hit her car in her driveway. Amazon is responsible. And at first, it seemed like things were going to go the right way. Amazon’s insurance company paid for her rental car and later determined that the car had been totaled, so she was supposed to receive a check.


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Except that’s not what they did. They made her wait more than two months while they decided whether or not they were originally right about the car being totaled. Maybe they were going to try to fix it. Maybe not. Understandably, Dooley got frustrated. She wanted either the check or her car back and couldn’t get any answers.

Her solution? She reached out to WFLA Consumer Investigator Shannon Behnken for some help. And wouldn’t you know it, once a reporter started asking questions about why Dooley was getting the runaround, they overnighted a check to her. For months, they couldn’t figure out what to do, but once the media started looking into what they were doing, suddenly, they had the money ready. Less than 24 hours after she called the helpline, she had the check in her hands. Funny how that works.

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