Coyote Swapped Ford F100 Farm Truck

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Watch out for this sleeper truck…

Coyote is a name known by Ford enthusiasts Across the Nation as one of the craziest V8 to ever come off of a Ford production factory floor. Originally released to the public around 2011 or 2012, depending on who you ask, this VA combined low displacement, high RPMs, and big horsepower numbers to deliver a drive unlike anything else on the road. Still revered in Automotive culture today, this engine would likely live on in history books forever as one of Ford's best power chains. Because of this, many Automotive enthusiasts turn to the platform for engine swapping in all sorts of Ford and non-Ford project cars. For example, look at this F-100 that spins tires, unlike anything anyone expected from a 60-year-old work truck.


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Riding extremely close to the ground and sitting on top of some shiny vintage style Performance Wheels, this Ford F-100 really means business. one look under the hood will tell you that with a 5 L Mustang V8 dubbed the Coyote engine, a perfect fit for a Ford restomod. With that engine spending, those 20-inch Billet Specialties Wheels are a piece of cake for the driver who knows what he likes. Along with that incredible performance, you also get something you would never expect from a stock example or a fully custom-built Performance Truck like this one, air conditioning.

All jokes and funny thoughts of similar builds without features like that side, this is a truck primarily built 4 The Best of Both performance and daily driving applications. It's the vehicle you can start up in the morning to drive to work without worrying about your ability issues. But, of course, at the same time, you can also take it over to the canyons, dragstrip, or road racing track of your choice and amaze everyone there with your superior power and handling. It's also pretty clear that the owner, Jack, knew precisely what he was doing when he asked the shop to build this truck as the engine practically slid into place without much issue. Overall what this truck is is a testament to what can be done with little more than a good idea and a truly dedicated team to get the job done, and clearly, they got it done right.

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