Crashed Dodge Durango Hellcat Smells Like Promise

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Think of the possibilities!

It seems like insurance companies just love totaling out crashed cars, like this 2021 Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat. After all, plenty of people would donate their left arm or some other appendage to own such a high-powered, luxurious crossover, even if they have to do some work to get it roadworthy again. That’s probably why it’s listed on Copart and will go for a healthy amount, fueling the roaring market of salvage title vehicles.

Or you could just steal a Durango Hellcat straight from the factory, like these guys did here.

Back in the day, having a salvage title car was almost like wearing a crimson “A” embroidered on your clothing. My, how times have changed! But when you look at this Durango Hellcat you get a sense for why savvy people snatch rides like this up – which explains why this Mopar has already been sold.

First off, there are only 2,583 miles on the odometer. This Dodge was just getting broken in when someone just plain broke it, or did they? Sure, the front end is going to need some work, including a new bumper and the driver’s side fenders are smashed up, plus the windshield and tailgate glass are goners. But if you look at the interior, other than all the airbags deployed, everything looks perfect. Those red leather seats look like they’ve barely been sat in and for good reason.

There’s some other damage and you never know what you’ll find once you start taking off body parts. Maybe some of the chassis components are goners, so those need to be replaced. But the engine looks to be just fine, which is one of the most important parts of this Dodge Durango Hellcat. Once this thing is put back together, even with a salvage title, we’d be willing to bet it fetches a pretty penny. And that’s the kicker is even though it was “totaled out” by the insurance, this Mopar is worth a considerable amount, so everyone involved with its resale stands to make a tidy profit.

Would you go for something like this?

Check out the listing on Copart here.

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