Crashing a Ferrari Into a Maybach Seems Expensive

crashed ferrari f355 in tokyo japan
Crashing a Ferrari Into a Maybach Seems Expensiveeffspot on YouTube

The thought of getting into an accident with a high-value vehicle is enough to give most drivers a sense of unease. That said, smashing up somebody’s six-figure machine is probably an easier pill to swallow when you’re riding in your own Italian supercar. Two drivers in Tokyo recently found themselves in this pricey situation, after a Maybach and a F355 came together in a busy intersection.

Footage of the crash aftermath was captured by automotive photographer Alex Penfold and later shared with friend and collaborator effspot on YouTube. According to the YouTuber, the crash took place in one of the busier areas of the Akihabara district in central Tokyo. The footage starts with a shot of a damaged Mercedes-Maybach S580, which appears to have been hit in the rear driver’s side. The 5000-plus-pound sedan doesn’t appear to be all that messed up, and should ultimately be repairable. Considering these things start at over $180,000 in the States, the owner is surely still irritated with the result.


Things could be worse, however, as is the situation with the Italian sports car. The F355 in question made head-on contact with the Maybach, and looks as knackered as you’d expect. The entire front end is broken up and caved in, while the hood is rolled back like a sardine can. I don’t think the damage will buff out quite as easily as with the Maybach.

crashed maybach in tokyo japan
effspot on YouTube

While it’s hard to tell from the images alone, this particular Ferrari appears to be finished in an F355 Challenge spec, complete with the rear wing, front tow hook, and racing bucket seats. That would certainly dramatically change the value of the wrecked sports car, but the repair costs are going to be insane regardless. Luckily for everyone involved, it seems likely they can all afford the appropriate insurance coverage. Hopefully all of the passengers were able to walk away from this scenario without too much embarrassment or lasting pain.

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