Creamy or Crunchy? Here’s What Your Peanut Butter Preference Says About Your Personality

Out of all the pantry staples I keep stocked, peanut butter is always on hand. That single condiment allows me to make ridiculously easy homemade cookies, add protein to my morning smoothie, or even whip up a quick savory dinner. But when you reach for the jar, is it creamy peanut butter or crunchy peanut butter? For me, it's always creamy, and chances are you have a strong opinion on which type you use, too. According to a recent survey of 2,000 Americans conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Jif, there is an even split on crunchy peanut butter vs. creamy peanut butter. But the research revealed a lot more than whether we like PB&Js with crunch or without. It found correlations in personality traits based on peanut butter preference. Here's what your peanut butter preference says about you.

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What Your Peanut Butter Preference Says About Your Personality

We already established there's an equal divide in America on preference for creamy or crunchy peanut butter. Based on the creamy or crunchy factor, 63% of those who prefer crunchy peanut butter describe themselves as optimists, compared to 56% who prefer creamy. Additionally, creamy peanut butter fans tend to be early birds and more introverted compared to crunchy fans, who are likely night owls and extroverted.


The survey also revealed 63% percent of Americans will pass on peanut butter altogether if it's not their preferred type. And in one of the more shocking results (to me, at least) single responders said they would consider it a deal-breaker if their date didn't prefer the same type. (So you might want to keep the question handy for your next first date.)

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With a survey that seemingly reveals a divided nation on our favorite nutty condiment, is there any mutual love shared? Indeed, there is. No matter which side of the crunchy vs. creamy spectrum you fall on, Americans seem to prefer grape jelly over strawberry jam. I can't say I agree with this one as I adore strawberry jam, but I can safely say I'm up for a creamy peanut butter and jelly sandwich right about now.