Creepy Property Homes Automotive Graveyard

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This is where dreams go to die…

This is where dreams go to die…

We've seen some pretty massive automotive collections over the years including abandoned fields, barns, and warehouses. With that comes insight into the vast plethora o f vehicles out there waiting to be rescued from the clutches of old age and rot. This is something very clearly displayed in one video on the internet which showcases a property that appears to have not been kept in shape for decades. It seems like the kind of place with a lot of history, though most who saw it would be difficult to find, and the classic car collection it holds can only be described as intriguing in the most phenomenal way.


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On the outside it may seem like little more than a run-down farming plot with disheveled buildings and some truly impressive overgrown plant structures. However, looking closer at the architecture will tell you a story you’ll not want to stop reading. One of the weirdest things about the property is a multiple hundreds of feet deep well that is bone dry with some wooden hollow structure at the bottom making for a very creepy experience but the important thing to us is the cars.

In fact there are many vehicles hidden in the woods around the houses, almost all of which are completely destroyed and have been sitting for decades. Due to their current state, most of these automobiles are beyond repair though we can see a few cars pointed out by the camera guy Such as a Nova Vauxhall. Another cool vehicle is the massive farm truck which sits in front of something that vaguely resembles a 1970 Camaro. Again, these cars are almost unidentifiable in their current condition which really makes us wonder why they were left three to begin with. Truly, this whole area gives a very off-putting and intriguing vibe which makes nearly everyone beg the question, what was this place?

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