Cristiano Ronaldo Rolls Up To Boxing Match In Ferrari Purosangue

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Cristiano Ronaldo Rolls Up To Boxing Match In Ferrari Purosangue
Cristiano Ronaldo Rolls Up To Boxing Match In Ferrari Purosangue

Worldwide soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t need an introduction wherever he goes, but the man does know how to arrive in style. He rolled up to the recent heavyweight boxing world championship fight between Oleksandr Usyk and Tyson Fury in his blue Ferrari Purosangue crossover, absolutely igniting the scene.

A billionaire Romanian car collector admits he once forgot he owns a Ferrari F40.

Exotic cars aren’t an uncommon sight in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, but one driven by arguably one of the top athletes in the world is truly something. While other celebrities were also in attendance for the much-anticipated boxing match, it was Ronaldo who really made a splash upon his arrival.


We’d like to think a fair bit of that had to do with the Ferrari Purosangue. After all, there aren’t too many of them around and many people have no idea it even exists. So to see Ronaldo and his son step out of the svelte four-door exotic as cameras are flashing was enough to get people’s hearts pumping.

Not everyone is a huge fan of the Purosangue. Some think it’s an abomination since it’s the first crossover ever made by Ferrari. We think it looks fantastic and it sure helped excite everyone as Ronaldo showed up for the title fight.

Of course, we already know Ronaldo has a fantastic car collection which includes multiple Ferraris. With all of his success, he not only has the cash for such things but also the reputation to snag some of the most elusive models.

For example, back in March he was spotted rolling around Libson, Portugal in his Ferrari Daytona SP3, a ride which many Ferrari collectors would pay dearly to have in their possession. It’s a particularly interesting looking model, even among the rest of the Maranello stable, and is based off the venerable LaFerrari Aperta.

Check out the video of Ronaldo’s arrival at the fight for yourself.

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