Cristiano Ronaldo Takes Delivery Of Ferrari Purosangue

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Cristiano Ronaldo Takes Delivery Of Ferrari Purosangue
Cristiano Ronaldo Takes Delivery Of Ferrari Purosangue

It’s no secret soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo loves fast, exotic cars, including Ferraris, so it’s really no surprise to see the professional athlete is the proud new owner of a Purosangue crossover. He proudly posted a picture on Instagram of him standing next to the blue beauty recently and as of the writing of this has accumulated over 15 million likes.

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But astute observers have noted Ronaldo turned off comments for the post. Before you start postulating that he always does so, other posts made before and after that one have quite a few comments visible. It gets even more curious since we can see 121,000 comments were made on the post, but they’re all hidden.


That leads us to believe quite a few of the comments on the post were less than positive. While there are always people looking to take pot shots at Ronaldo no matter what he posts, the Purosangue has perhaps drawn far more ire than usual.

Despite the name translated meaning “pureblood” quite a few Ferrari faithful feel the Purosangue is an abomination. After all, it’s the brand’s first crossover (what some people are calling an SUV but we think it technically doesn’t qualify as one).

From the moment it was leaked that Maranello was developing a crossover some enthusiasts lost their minds. Whatever you think of the move, it’s hardly shocking considering Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Rolls-Royce, and many other premium brands have come out with crossovers which have been quite successful products.

We think this movement goes back to the Porsche Cayenne, a product which when it originally launched received plenty of hate from purists. Yet it’s credited with yet again saving the storied German brand from financial failure. Now it and the Macan sell in droves, something Porsche management credit for the company’s ability to produce more track-focused models.

Some agree with this perspective, including it seems quite a few executives at these other automakers. Ronaldo seems quite happy with his purchase.

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