Cruise robotaxi drives into freshly poured concrete

Cruise robotaxi drives into freshly poured concrete

In less than a week since robotaxi companies got the green light to expand operations in San Francisco, an incident involving Cruise driverless cabs has made the news for a second time. In this case, one of the autonomous vehicles drove into a road construction site where city workers were paving a section of the street.

Fortunately no injuries were reported according to The New York Times. However, the self-driving taxi did get itself stuck in freshly poured concrete.

“That portion of the road has to be repaved, at Cruise’s expense,” said Rachel Gordon, a spokeswoman for the San Francisco Department of Public Works. Cruise is a subsidiary of General Motors and uses a fleet of Chevy Bolt EVs for its robotaxis.

San Francisco resident Paul Harvey took a photo of the predicament. “I can see five different scenarios where bad things happen and this is one of them,” Harvey told SFGate. “It thinks it’s a road and it ain’t because it ain’t got a brain and it can’t tell that it’s freshly poured concrete.”