Crystal Chunks Are Bursting Through The Road In China

Gif: YouTube
Gif: YouTube

A video of what looks like quartz breaking through the surface of a roadway is making the rounds on TikTok. I don’t get over there much, being suspicious of the Chinese social media platform over concerns of it spying on its users, as the Financial Times reports. OK, fine. Actually, I just don’t get the humor on there because I’m old. As it turns out, TikTok’s native country may be the origin of the ripped up, pock-marked road, and the shoddy construction that’s plagued China could be to blame.

The video in question is a months-old repost that traces back to the r/China subreddit, where Reddit users cite the “tofu-dreg projects” so common in the Eastern superpower. They go on to blame hasty road construction for the rock clusters breaking through the asphalt. Here is the video, per TikTok:

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China’s rush to develop and expand construction has likewise garnered a bad reputation around the world, with some of its projects mired in allegations of corruption and shoddy work that falls apart, per the Wall Street Journal. That lack of quality construction doesn’t seem to be limited to its overseas projects, however, as Chinese roads in major cities and beyond develop large sink holes and are cracked clean through by crystal chunks.

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