Cube of Indy Car Sells For $7750 at Auction

crushed 1971 indy car
Cube of Indy Car Sells For $7750 at AuctionKraft Auctions

The cubed remains of a 1971 Indy car driven by Mike Mosley were sold at an auction on Friday for $7,750. The car was knocked out of the race on lap number 159 after a crash with Bobby Unser and was later crushed into a square.

According to the description provided by Kraft Auctions, the car crashed in turn 4. Mosley hit the outside wall and then careened into the already retired car of Mark Donohue that was parked against the inside wall. Unser was directly behind Mosley, and he hit the wall trying to avoid the crash. Mosley's car flipped and caught fire. Fellow racer Gary Bettenhausen stopped to pull Mosely from the wreckage. Mosley suffered a broken leg and elbow as well as serious burns. The car was comprehensively destroyed.

Despite the crash, Mosely officially finished in 13th place out of the 33 entries. Bobby Unser’s younger brother Al Unser went on to win the Indy 500 that year. It was his second of four wins at the Brickyard.

mosley indy 500 car
Kraft Auctions

When car builder A.J. Watson saw the wrecked car of Mosley, he figured it would never race again. So, he had the car crushed into a cube and gave it to Mosley as he recovered in the hospital.


Before it was destroyed in 1971, it was also driven by three-time Indy 500 winner Bobby Unser.

At nearly $8000, it's not a bad deal for a real Indy car that was at one time driven by a three-time winner. Of course, the fact that the car doesn’t include the engine, transmission, or wheels, and is about the size of a large suitcase might impact the value.

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