Customized Mazda MX-5 Wins 2023 Hot Wheels Legends Tour

2023 hot wheels legends tour winner
Here’s Your 2023 Hot Wheels Legends Tour WinnerHot Wheels
  • Chris Watson’s 1990 Mazda MX-5 Miata was built in New Zealand.

  • This reimagined MX-5 takes inspiration from Japanese Kaido racers and Cyberpunk aesthetics.

  • This 2023 winner will be immortalized in 1/64th-scale diecast as an award for taking the Legends tour.

Rejoice Hot Wheels fans! The 2023 Hot Wheels Legends Tour is officially over, and the winner has been crowned. Taking home the top honors this year is Chris Watson and his 1990 Mazda MX-5 Miata. Hailing from New Zealand, this wild Miata will make its way around the world as a 1/64th-scale die cast.

Dubbed “Chimera,” this ’90 MX-5 sports massive fender flares that cover a set of 15 x 13 turbofan-style wheels wrapped with Hoosier rubber. Alongside the massive fender flares, the body also has a shark-fin spoiler fixed to the hard top, a wild rear light bar, and a dystopian-inspired custom airbrushed finish.


The Cyberpunk inspiration also makes its way to the interior, with a computer sitting ahead of the passenger seat. While this computer doesn’t seem exactly functional, the screen features an homage to the famous warning screen from The Fast and the Furious. This might not be a huge feature for this Miata, but it is a fun nod to car culture as a whole. There’s also aftermarket instrumentation and a smoked-acrylic switch panel.

“Every year the competition gets better, and 2023 definitely didn’t disappoint,” said Ted Wu, vice president and global head of design for vehicles at Mattel. “Chris’ journey from rural New Zealand to securing a spot in the Hot Wheels Garage of Legends is truly inspirational and embodies what this tour is all about. Chimera is a great addition to the Garage of Legends, and we can’t wait to create the die-cast version.”

If you want to find out more about the competition and the decision-making process of picking this Miata as the winner, you can check out the livestream’s VOD here. If you want to own a version of this Chimera Miata, you’ll have to wait until it hits the shelves of your local supermarket, likely next year.

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