Cybertruck Owner Claims Tesla Blacklisted Them After Trying To Flip It For $242,069

Photo: Tesla
Photo: Tesla

The Tesla Cybertruck is expensive, rare and somewhat bulletproof, so we understand the temptation for owners to attempt to flip them for a quick profit. If you had something that you could sell for a $100,000 profit, you probably would too, especially if it came with the added bonus of no longer getting made fun of by mean people on the internet for owning it in the first place. If one forum user is to be believed, though, even listing a Cybertruck for sale could get you blacklisted.

Over on the Cybertruck Owners Club, user “malinecentral” claims they listed their Cybertruck “[l]literally everywhere” online for $242,069 “because [he] thought it was funny.” Since he included the vehicle identification number in the ads, Tesla’s Loss Prevention team was able to track him down and let him know his two other reservations had been canceled and he was now blacklisted. Tesla did refund the two canceled reservations, but informed him that if he tried to make any additional reservations, he wouldn’t be getting his money back.

It’s currently not clear whether he has been banned only from buying the Cybertruck or whether he’s been banned from ordering all Teslas. The good news is, though, Tesla is still willing to service his vehicles. So at least he’s got that going for him.


Over the years, Tesla has done a lot of things that we’ve been pretty critical of, but we’ve got to say, we support Tesla here. In fact, we’re fully on board with all automaker efforts to deter flippers. If you want a limited-production car to enjoy, go for it. If you want a limited-production car just so you can sell it for a profit immediately after taking delivery, you’re not going to get any sympathy from us when the automaker puts you in time out.

Yes, it may seem harsh to blacklist a customer before he even sells it, but he also knew Tesla wouldn’t be happy that he listed it for sale. Besides, Tesla’s already having a hard enough time keeping flippers from selling their Cybertrucks for big money.

H/T: CarScoops

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