Cybertruck Owner Shocked At All The Hate Flung At His Ride

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Cybertruck Owner Shocked At All The Hate Flung At His Ride
Cybertruck Owner Shocked At All The Hate Flung At His Ride

If you haven’t seen a Cybertruck in person yet, you will sooner or later and then you’ll probably understand why they bring out strong reactions in people. The design can be jarring for many, although some absolutely love it, as the truck stands out from everything else on the road. But as one Cybertruck owner in Maine found out the hard way, a lot of people really, really hate the thing.

Kim Kardashian’s kid is the proud new owner of a mini Cybertruck.

That owner, who has one of only two registered Cybertrucks in the entire state, is Travis Carter, owner of Vice Cannabis in Portland. Even though he bought a look-at-me vehicle, he told the Portland Press Herald all the attention the Tesla brings him is uncomfortable and embarrassing.


We’re honestly not shocked, but Carter apparently wasn’t expecting people to be taking his photo constantly at stop lights. Or to have random strangers flip him the bird, brake check him, spit on his ride, even scratch those stainless steel body panels.

Needless to say, the Cybertruck really gets a reaction out of people.

But it’s obvious why the guy got one. For starters, it’s unique and he obviously thinks the all-electric pickup truck is fun. Plus, he parks it in his dispensary’s parking lot and it draws eyes, potentially bringing in new customers.

In his interview with the local paper, Carter seems torn between the positive and negative reactions to his new ride. Perhaps he only thought people would gawk at and compliment his choice of wheels, but now he knows the Cybertruck is wildly polarizing.

With all that attention on him, Carter told the Portland Press Herald he drives extra cautious and courteous. After all, everything he does is being recorded and recounted. And some are just looking to find fault with the jerk who drives such a gaudy thing.

Image via vice.cannabis/Instagram