Cybertruck reviews are in, and the complaints are just as unique as Tesla's truck itself

The Cybertruck launched last year and is currently only available in North America. A few journalists have found ways to get behind the wheel. Anadolu/Getty Images
  • Reviews for the Tesla Cybertruck from major outlets are mostly positive — so far.

  • Reviewers have said its drive and performance are great, but fingerprints quickly degrade its look.

  • In-person reactions to the Cybertruck have been polarizing.

Official reviews for Tesla's Cybertruck are rolling in, and so far, the hulking stainless steel truck is largely living up to the hype.

Recent reviews in Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal praised the Cybertruck for its tight handling at low speeds, its design and engineering, and for being a "smooth ride."

The complaints — much like the truck itself — are more unique than ones made about typical pickup trucks. Among Bloomberg's hangups were the truck's smudge-prone exterior and its propensity to attract unwanted attention.


Keeping up with smudges and fingerprints on the Cybertruck's exterior is "like trying to remove dog hair from your coat. It's a tedious task and there's always one more that you missed," Hannah Elliott wrote for the outlet.

Much has been made of Tesla's decision to use stainless steel, with industry experts predicting ahead of the truck's launch that it would probably get dirty pretty quickly.

But WSJ's Dan Neil thinks these anxieties are antithetical to the rugged reputation Cybertruck is trying to cultivate.