Cybertruck Serves Briefly As Sinking Boat While Stuck In Lake

Cyberstuck. - Gif: This is Slovakia via YouTube
Cyberstuck. - Gif: This is Slovakia via YouTube

Elon Musk has made a lot of outlandish claims about the flagship Cybertruck, including that it will survive the apocalypse and will even be able to serve briefly as a boat should the world flood. Well those sailing credentials have been thrown into doubt this week after footage emerged of a Cybertruck stuck on the bank of a small lake.

The truck was reportedly the first Cybertruck to make it to the European country of Slovakia. There, it was offering test rides to Tesla fans, reports the Slovak Spectator. While attempting to show off its rugged abilities, the truck was driven into Malé Košariská lake, which is about a 20 minute drive from the capital city of Bratislava.

The lake, a popular spot for summer swimming, clearly seemed like a good spot to test Musk’s claims that the Cybertruck could serve briefly as a boat. However, once wheel-deep in the water, things started going downhill for the truck.

The EV became stuck in the loose gravel on the bed of the lake, spinning its wheels and struggling to gain traction to get out the water. Video posted to social media shows the Cybertruck making numerous attempts to get out of the lake, with little progress made onto dry land.


In the end, the truck reportedly needed assistance from passing swimmers, who stepped (swam?) in to help push the massive truck out of the lake. As the Slovak Spectator reports:

“Several people had to help out the car, digging out gravel, placing wooden planks under the wheels, and pushing the vehicle from behind,” writes the website.

People swimming in the lake or passing by the lake managed to free the vehicle in the end.

“Elon, try to conquer Mars instead of Slovakia,” a Facebook user wrote.

Despite Musk claiming that the Cybertruck is capable of conquering any task you throw at it, this is far from being the first time the pickup has been caught out when heading into the wet stuff. Cybertrucks have also been bricked driving through puddles, have gotten stuck while trying to ford rivers and have even been struck down by a trip to the car wash. Clearly, water and Cybertrucks don’t mix.

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